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Hey there!!

I am Michelle Irene Fraelley and welcome to my dating blog Spark Matchmaking.

Michelle Fraelley Spark Matchmaking author

That’s me in the picture. I know I look pretty:)

Well, when I was young, I was really terrified of walking up to a guy and speak my heart out.

I wanted to go out on dates but how do I go and ask someone out? The fear of rejection haunted me.

That’s when I started using Dating Apps.

I have been using Dating Apps for more than 12 years now and in these 12 years what I found is that most dating apps are scams.

That is why I created this blog to help you discover the best dating apps on the market.

I also provide guides on various dating app features, and how to get the best out of every dating app.

I will provide you simple tips and tricks that will help you get better matches on these dating apps without creating a metaphorical hole in your wallet.

If you find my blog helpful then feel free to share it with your friends.

So, grab a cup of coffee, relax and read my blog.