Badoo can’t verify photo?

Badoo Bypass Photo Verification – How To Create Badoo Account Without Photo Verify (iOS + Android)

In order to pass Badoo photo verification, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open your profile and tap on ‘Get verified’
  2. Read the instructions on screen and tap on ‘Ready’
  3. Copy the gesture in the example and take the photo
  4. If your photo matches our example photo, tap on ‘Yes’ to send it for verification. If your photo does not match our example, tap ‘Retry’ and try again
  5. Your photo will be sent for verification and once approved, you will be able to access to your profile. The verification process only takes only a few minutes.

If your picture is not approved, you will receive a message on your screen within a few minutes. Read the message carefully and tap ‘Retry’ to take another verification photo.

BADOO Fully Solution 2021 Without Photo Number Mail Verification

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