Blue Star and Purple Lightning Bolt on Tinder (Explained)

Tinder uses several icons and graphics to let users know when other users are actively thinking about them. Among these icons are the Blue Star and the Purple Lightning Bolt.

On Tinder, a Blue Star indicates that your profile has been “super liked” by another user. Tinder’s Super Like feature helps users’ profiles stand out from the crowd. You have to Swipe up rather than left or right to super like someone.

The Purple Lightning Bolt icon indicates that a user has liked your Tinder Profile using the Tinder Boost feature.

This article explains in detail what does the blue star and purple bolt on Tinder represent.

Blue Star on Tinder

Tinder’s blue star is a one-of-a-kind feature used mostly by premium members. The blue star means that another user has super liked you.

When someone swipes up instead of left or right, it’s called a super like. Every twenty-four hours, users get one Super like for free. This means that if someone uses their super like feature on you, it’s a big deal.

Blue Star on Tinder

The blue star beside a user’s name indicates that they have been super liked. Super likes are put to the top of the recipient’s card stack, and they are immediately notified about it. It’s a method for users to stand out in Tinder’s overcrowded dating game.

Tinder uses super likes as a special swipe approach that shows the increased interest of a member towards another user. Unfortunately, super likes are hard to come by, so you should consider yourself lucky if you’ve got one.

To super like a profile, press and hold the blue star and then swipe up towards the top of your smartphone or tablet instead of using the standard left and right swipes.

How to get Super Likes on Tinder

Since there are very few super likes in the free version of Tinder, super likes are uncommon. In addition, the super like can only be used once each day, and it refills only after 24 hours. In this 24 hour timeframe, you won’t get any free super likes.

To gain more super likes, the user must either subscribe to a paid plan (Tinder Gold, Tinder Plus, Tinder Platinum) or purchase extra super likes. This leads to a purchase funnel where the consumer buys more ways to stand out from the standard once-a-day function.

For example, individuals with a gold heart next to their profile were liked because they had Tinder Gold; the same is true for super likes, which are a distinctive feature. It makes you stand out and you have a higher chance to get matched with other users.

What does the Blue Star on Tinder Top Picks mean?

Because the Tinder Blue star is a signal of Tinder Super Like, it signifies that Tinder Super Like was used on you. You can see 10 Top Picks each day if you have Tinder Gold or one Top Pick per day if you have a basic account.

The blue stars appear straight on the Tinder Top Picks account when you access the Top Picks tab. This means you can Super Like these profiles right from the Top Picks page, rather than having to go to their profile and Super Liking them.

However, the operation of these blue stars is the same as that of conventional blue stars in your swiping deck. You might believe that the reason they’re on the profiles is so that you can Super Like them without spending any more Super Likes but that’s not true.

If you use a Super like on a Tinder Top Pick, you will lose your one daily Super like.

The question remains whether the blue stars on Tinder should be used or not. You can try them out because you receive one for free every day, but they are most probably not worthwhile. Most Tinder users regard Tinder Blue Stars, also known as Tinder Super Likes, as demanding. 

The official announcement from Tinder’s holding company, Match Group, is that it is a wonderful method to show somebody that you like them and boost your chances of matching. 

What does the Blue Star on Tinder say?

The basic function of the Blue Star is to notify people who receive Super Likes. However, does a Blue Star work or not is still a mystery.

The only way to know is to give it a shot using some basic facts and a scientific procedure. Use Super Likes every day for at least 30 days and see how many connections you’ve gotten from it. You may then contrast this to traditional swipe results.

Swipe up to Super like

If you are an active participant but not a premium member, your daily swipe restriction is set at 100 swipes per day and 3000 swipes per month. To figure out which way you got a higher match percentage, you must divide by two.

If you want to reach a higher level of significance with your test and be more certain about the impacts of Super Likes on your matching ratio, you can run it for longer.

Why does the Blue Star on Tinder say 1?

1 Blue Star on Tinder means you have one Super Like that you can use for free.

Tinder provides their free users with one Super Like daily that refills after 24 hours. So, if you use the Super Like today at 6 PM, you’ll get another Super Like back tomorrow at 6 PM. Until then, you don’t get any free Super Likes.

If you don’t want to buy Super likes then make sure to use that Super Like carefully. You don’t want to spend that Super Like on someone that doesn’t respond or worst of all on a fake profile.

Purple Lightning Bolt on Tinder

The purple lightning bolt icon represents Tinder’s special features Tinder Boost, and Tinder Super Boost. You can activate Tinder Boost by clicking on the purple lightning bolt icon which will allow you to jump the line and become the most popular Tinder profile in your area for 30 minutes. 

Tinder’s purple lightning bolt icon next to a user’s name signifies that they have liked you using the Tinder Boost feature.

Tinder Boost is a premium option that allows Tinder users to have their profile appear at the top of the card stack for all other users in their region. According to Tinder, the Boost feature can increase your profile views by 10 times.

Purple Bolt on Tinder

This is a great method to shine out and be the center of attention for all the guys and gals in your area. Tinder Boost is a timed feature that, when used correctly, can help you improve your connections and make your profile the first thing people view when they open the app.

While using Tinder Boost, it is suggested that you utilize the app as much as possible without exceeding the limit. If you’re using Tinder’s free edition, you’ll want to take full advantage of the algorithm that popularizes your account but doesn’t shut you out.

Swipe 15-20 times every 2-3 hours and leave the rest to the algorithm. Tinder Boost is triggered when Tinder accepts your profile and ensures that it is seen by practically everyone in your region that uses the app.

The purple lightning bolt indicates that other Tinder Boost members have liked your profile and are seriously interested to know more about you. Paying for Tinder services like Super likes and Tinder Boost generally indicates that users want more matches and better quality individuals on the dating platform.

How to use Tinder Boost

Tinder Boost is a function that allows users to elevate their profile to the top of the card stack for all Tinder users in their vicinity for 30 minutes. Tinder Boost can increase your profile views by 10x and increase your chances of matching with other users.

Tinder Boost

If you want to try Tinder Boost and don’t know how to activate it then follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1 – Navigate to the Discovery page of Tinder which is the main home page screen where you can view other profiles.

Step 2 – Locate the purple bolt icon. It is generally present at the bottom right corner.

Step 3 – Tap the purple bolt icon and you’ll get a notification prompt to activate Tinder Boost.

Step 4 – Select the number of Boosts you want and tap on the “BOOST ME” button.

Step 5 – Pay the required amount and you will get a notification when your Tinder Boost is ready.

Step 6 – Once it is ready, you’ll be given the option to enable Tinder Boost.

Each month, users will receive one free Boost. A single Tinder Boost costs $5.99 if you are over 30 years and $6.99 if you’re under 30 years. A pack of 10 Boosts is around $40 and a pack of 5 Boosts is around $25.

Tinder constantly changes the prices of their paid features so don’t freak out if you see a price hike.

Before spending any money on purchased Tinder Boosts, it is recommended that you test the free Tinder Boost first. Then, splurge if you think it’ll help you get more matches, which is what we’re all looking for when we use Tinder.

Purple Lightning Bolt on Tinder Feed

The Purple Lightning Bolt on Tinder Feed indicates that someone liked your profile using the Tinder Boost Feature.

First, you’ll see the renowned purple lightning bolt at the base of your settings screen, beside the blue star. You may check here to see if you already have a Tinder Boost right now or if you need to buy one to employ it to obtain more matches.

You may also find the purple lightning bolt on your Discovery page, which is where you swipe through other Tinder profiles. You can activate the Boost by tapping on the purple bolt at the bottom right corner of the page.

Ultimately, you can find the purple bolt in your Tinder match list. If you connected with someone while using Tinder Boost or Super Boost, you’d notice a purple lightning bolt next to their profile photo.

Should you use the Purple Lightning Bolts on Tinder?

You should definitely invest on Purple Lightning Bolts(Tinder Boost) if you can afford it. Tinder Boost can increase your chances of matching with another user by 10x and Tinder Super Boost can increase your chances of matching by 100x.

If you are getting a few matches daily with the Free version of Tinder then you’ll definitely get a lot of matches with Tinder Boost and Super Boost.

However, if you are not getting at least 2-3 matches with the free version of Tinder then you shouldn’t spend money on Tinder Boost. This is because other users are not interested in your profile and you will have to make some changes like adding new photos, and changing your bio.

If you are using the free version of Tinder then you can try out the Tinder Boost feature by clicking on the purple lightning bolt icon and buying 1 Tinder Boost. If it works for you then you can buy a pack of 3, 10 or even 20 Tinder Boosts.

If you already have a Tinder Platinum or Tinder Gold subscription, you get one Tinder Boost every month for free.

What are Tinder Boost Hearts?

After activating the Tinder Boost feature, you will see small floating hearts originating from the purple lightning bolt icon at the bottom of your screen along with a number that indicates the increase in profile views. These are Tinder Boost Hearts.

Tinder Boost Hearts

Tinder Boost Hearts indicate that the Tinder Boost feature is currently active and it doesn’t mention anything about the success of your Boost. The main motive of these hearts is to get you to keep swiping till the Boost is active.

If you click on the purple lightning bolt at this time, it will show the time remaining for this Boost. Once, the Boost is over, you’ll get details of the increase in profile views and the users who checked out your profile.


Tinder offers two features that indicate whether a user has been super liked or liked with a Tinder boost: the Blue Star and the Purple Lightning Bolt.

These two features are crucial to Tinder because they help users stand out from the crowd. If you’re having trouble finding matches on Tinder, buying super likes and Tinder Boost could help you look unique.

Tinder doesn’t give you enough room to define your personality other than a short bio so you need to use these Tinder features to maximize your chances of getting a Match.

Tinder features like the Super Like and Tinder Boost are not just to make money, instead, they convey the other person’s feelings about you. If someone sends you a Super Like it means they are curious to know more about you whereas if you send a Super Like to someone it means you are interested to know more about that person.

Tinder employs these components to make it more efficient and find as many constructive matches as possible. It leads to a better overall user experience for both the sender and the receiver.

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