Does tinder ban apple id?

How to Get Unbanned from Tinder (2021) | How to Make a New Tinder Account After Being Banned

No, tinder doesn’t ban a user’s Apple ID. You can continue to use your personal Apple ID, the app cannot track your Apple ID. They can track your phone, so it is better to open an account with a new device.

Tinder does not block your Apple ID, as it does not have access to it. It does, however, block your email or Facebook profile and IP address.

Does Tinder ban your device ID?

Yes tinder is banning users devices these days so you cannot use tinder app on the same device.

How do you use your Apple ID for Tinder?

And then go to account setting connected. Account sign in with apple create an account for tinder using apple id. So then i just use the touch id of ice id. And that’s it so super simple super easy.

How do I disconnect my Apple ID from Tinder?

Tap Menu > My Apps > Subscriptions.

How to cancel Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold

  1. Open the App Store app and scroll to the bottom.
  2. Tap on your Apple ID and select ‘View Apple ID’.
  3. Sign in to your Apple ID account.
  4. Scroll down and tap ‘Subscriptions’.
  5. Select your Tinder subscription and select ‘Unsubscribe’.

Do you need a new Apple ID to reset Tinder?

This method is the most secure and most efficient one. This is the one I choose every time I want a fresh start (and the initial boost that comes with it). To do a hard reset you will have to change a lot of things: a new email address, a new phone number, a new Google or Apple account.

How do I remove my Apple ID from Tinder?

On Android, go to Settings > Manage Apps or Settings > Apps to access your list of installed apps. Select Tinder and then the uninstall option. On Apple devices, you can delete Tinder by going to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and choosing the option to delete Tinder.

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