how to use the flashlight in dead by daylight?

How to Use a FLASHLIGHT in DBD – Explained FAST! [Dead by Daylight Guide]

9 steps1.Equip your character with a flashlight before the beginning of the match. If you don’t have one, you can find a flashlight in one of the chests during the …2.Keep in mind that the beam of a regular flashlight reaches 10 meters and lasts for two seconds. The total time you can use the flashlight is eight seconds …3.Aim the flashlight at the killer’s eyes – this way you have a higher chance to blind them.dead by daylight flashlight not workingdbd where to aim flashlight 2021how to use a flashlightdead by daylight flashlight savehow to use flashlight in dead by daylight xboxhow to use flashlight in dead by daylight ps4People also search for

How to Flashlight Save Tutorial Dead by Daylight 2022

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