If You Swipe Left On Tinder Are They Gone Forever?

Tinder provides a straightforward mechanism to swipe left. Sliding your finger to the left when viewing someone’s profile will display the next profile in a jiffy. There’s a reasonable chance you’ll swipe left on a match by accident somewhere along the route. The question is can you get them back?

If you swipe left on Tinder, they are gone forever and you won’t be able to retrieve that profile except if you use Tinder Gold or Tinder plus which has a Rewind feature that allows users to bring back the profile they just swiped left on. Sometimes, Tinder can show you a profile you swiped left on if that user liked your profile or there aren’t any more profiles to show in your area.

In this article, I’ll go over the basics of swiping left on Tinder and why you need to be careful while using Tinder.

Swiping Left on Tinder

Ever since the introduction of Tinder, the world of Dating has completely transformed. Tinder was the first dating app to introduce swipe right and left mechanisms and now it has become a new norm in the dating sphere.

Due to these mechanisms, it’s not only simpler to meet single people from various cities, but it’s also an effective method to know more about their personalities online.

Tinder displays profiles in a “card stack“. This implies that profiles are displayed one after the other, and the user must pick whether they like the profile.

Swiping left and right on Tinder is extremely simple and fun. Because of the simple yet quick left and right swiping mechanisms, you can see up to 20-25 profiles per minute. Unfortunately, swiping so quickly(speed swiping) has the risk of accidentally swiping left on somebody you could have matched with.

Swiping Left on Tinder accidentally

That is why it is recommended that you take your time and analyze each profile you view. Don’t just look at their photos, make sure to also read their bio before swiping left or right. Speed swiping can be fun and tempting, but it can also result in lost matches and profiles.

Take the time to evaluate every profile and its relevant bio. Don’t just swipe right or left just looking at the photo because the profile might end up being a gem or fake. The only time you should speed swipe to the left is if you’re positive that the person whose profile you’re viewing is uninteresting or repulsive.

Contrary to other dating apps like eHarmony and Match.com, Tinder users can access the primary features of the program merely by making an account without paying for a subscription. These primary features include messaging, and swiping but you also get a free super like every day.

If you swipe left on a match accidentally, you cannot rewind back to see the match you just missed while using the free version of Tinder. This is a paid feature on Tinder; therefore, you’ll have to purchase Tinder Gold to use this feature.

Tinder Rewind Premium feature

To buy Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, or Tinder Platinum subscription, open the app, hit the profile symbol, go to Settings, and then tap on either Get Tinder Plus, Get Tinder Gold, or Get Tinder Platinum. 

Tinder Plus costs between $9.99 and $19.99 a month, while Tinder Gold costs between $19.99 and $29.99 dollars per month if you subscribe for a month. If you commit to a longer membership time, you can get higher discounts.

Rewind to Bring Back Matches

Tinder Gold is Tinder’s most expensive and high-end subscription. Even though the price is high, the features included in the subscription far outweigh the price.

Tinder Gold can be worthwhile to purchase if you frequently miss matches due to speed swiping.

Rewind is a premium feature available only in Tinder Gold. The Rewind feature allows you to take back your last swipe by tapping on the Yellow Rewind button.

Tinder Rewind button

Using the Rewind option, you can go back to your prior Like or Dislike. If you mistakenly passed over someone you’d like to contact on Tinder, they’re no longer lost.

You can utilize the Rewind function to bring their profile back by hitting the yellow directional arrow button on the main screen. You won’t be able to browse through all the swiped profiles, you can only get back the recent profiles that were swiped left. 

Tinder only allows a finite number of rewinds, so make sure to use them intelligently.

Does the Other User Know if I Swipe Left on Them?

Tinder will not notify the user if you swipe left on their profile. This is because all swipes are private, and the other person won’t be aware of it.

A person will only be notified of a Tinder action if you super like someone or if both the profiles match. The match screen is a static screen like the one you can see below while the super like is the blue star present at the bottom of the Tinder feed.

"It's a Match" Tinder

If you’re worried that someone swiped left on you, you might be able to find it out. If you don’t see that person’s profile appearing back on your feed while swiping for a few days then chances are the person swiped left on your profile.

Will You Ever See The Same Person Twice on Tinder?

On Tinder, after a user swipes left, they are no longer visible. Nevertheless, there are some factors to keep in mind.

Swiping left on a profile implies you won’t be able to see them again, but it doesn’t necessarily imply they won’t see you. Tinder organizes your profile into a unique card stack, which users can swipe through by swiping left and right. So it’s possible that if you swiped left on a profile, your profile would remain in their card stack.

Secondly, if you or another user uninstalls the app and then reinstalls it by creating a new profile, the new profile will display. Tinder does not keep a record of which profiles are on which users’ phones. Therefore, a new profile is generally regarded as if it was created by a new user.

Radius, in contrast, is a variable that can be changed at any time, and it impacts the frequency with which you encounter specific profiles. Tinder gathers all accounts from the age domains and radius they’ve specified, making it exceedingly difficult to avoid someone. 

Moreover, a user’s radius influences how frequently they appear on another’s card stack. If you set your radius to 10 miles and a match puts theirs to 20 miles, you’ll almost certainly see each other on Tinder. Their radius and yours intersect. This holds true for your age and other preferences that you can change.

Tinder Swipe Left Reappear

 Tinder profiles can return as possible date suggestions even after they’ve been declined due to a flaw in the software. 

Users can remove and recreate their profiles, giving them a second opportunity to resurface as suggestions for anyone who swiped left on their accounts previously.

There are some other reasons also why someone may appear again after you swiped left on them on Tinder. The first is that they swiped right on you, indicating that Tinder is eager to make a match. Tinder’s algorithm will show back that profile to get a match with you.

The second reason is that you’ve swiped through everyone in your immediate vicinity, so the algorithm is simply retrying old faces in a desperate attempt to find you a date. If you live in a small town, you’ll notice that many of the same faces appear on your Tinder feed on a regular basis.

That’s just because there aren’t that many options. If you’re in a larger area and one individual, in particular, keeps reappearing, it’s likely that they swiped right on you. They like you, so if you sense potential in their profile, you can confidently swipe right.

Is Swiping Left on Tinder Permanent?

Generally, swiping left on Tinder is a permanent action and you won’t get that person back but in some cases, it has been seen that Tinder shows the same profile that you’ve swiped left.

If you swiped left on a profile who liked you then Tinder can show that profile again to help you get a match. This is because the Tinder algorithm is designed to help you match with a person who liked your profile.

If you reside in a small town with a small proportion of Tinder users, chances are that Tinder can show you the same profile you swiped left on because there aren’t any new profiles to show in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What Happens When You Swipe Left On Tinder?

When you swipe left on someone, their profile will be removed from your card stack and that user won’t be notified that you have swiped left on their Profile. Usually, profiles that are swiped left on don’t reappear but in some cases, they can reappear if that user has liked your Profile or there aren’t any more profiles to show in your area.

Can I Undo a Swipe Left On Tinder?

You can undo a left swipe only if you’re using Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus which are premium versions of Tinder. You cannot undo a swipe left if you’re using the free version of Tinder.
The Premium versions of Tinder have a Rewind button that brings back your last swipe(Like, Nope, or Super like). If you want to undo a swipe left, tap on the Rewind button(yellow directional arrow) and bring back the last profile.

Do Tinder Nopes Come Back?

Tinder Nopes or Dislikes usually don’t come back but sometimes they can come back if the user liked your profile or there are no new profiles to show in your area.

If a user liked your profile and you disliked theirs then Tinder shows that profile again because Tinder feels that you have a high probability of matching with someone who has liked your profile.

If there are no more profiles to show in your area then Tinder shows you some profiles you disliked earlier because they want you to spend time on the app and not exit it.
Tinder feels that there is a high chance that if the profile you disliked is shown again then you will like their profile and hopefully match with them.


If you swipe left on someone’s profile in the free version of Tinder, they’re gone forever but if you’re using Tinder Gold then you can bring them back using the Tinder Rewind feature. Tinder Rewind is a premium feature included in Tinder Gold.

Tinder Gold allows you to bring back the last profile you swiped left on. This will allow you to swipe right to that profile if you accidentally swiped left.

My suggestion is to take your time swiping and carefully go through the profiles. This may take longer, but it will protect you from swiping left to interesting profiles and having to reclaim them back.

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