Does OkCupid Show Inactive Profiles?

OkCupid is a mobile dating app that allows you to match with others by swiping right on their profiles. But, new users aren’t sure if the profiles shown in the OkCupid Discovery area are new or old and inactive?

OkCupid shows you the most active profiles when you first start using the app. If there are not a lot of people using OkCupid in your area, you could be shown old and inactive profiles.

In this article, I’ll explain when does OkCupid show inactive profiles and how to make sure you see only active profiles.

When Does OkCupid Show Inactive Profiles?

OkCupid shows profiles in the form of a card stack where you can swipe right to like and swipe left to remove them from your card stack. You will be first shown the hottest profiles(most liked) in your area. They do it to get you interested in the app and hopefully convert you into one of their paid customers.

OkCupid Active Profiles

As you start swiping you’ll be shown less popular profiles but they are still active. When you keep on swiping for a long time and don’t match with others, you’ll then come across older profiles that are mostly inactive.

If you use OkCupid in the suburbs, chances are that you will see old and inactive profiles only when there aren’t any more active profiles to show in that area. However, in big cities, you are more likely to find active profiles and there are fewer chances of running out of active profiles.

The inactive profiles are users who deleted the app from their device but didn’t delete their OkCupid profile. Their information is still stored on OkCupid servers.

Why Does OkCupid Show Inactive Profiles?

OkCupid shows inactive profiles to keep you engaged with the platform so that you spend more time on their platform and purchase one of their premium subscriptions.

If you run out of profiles in your area you’ll definitely close the app and use other dating apps. This is something that no dating app would want. That’s why they show you outdated and inactive profiles so you spend as much time as you can on their platform without quitting.

The more time you spend, the higher the chances of converting you into a paid customer. Also, the user retention times, which is a key factor in determining the success of a dating app will also be higher.

How to Check if a Profile is Inactive on OkCupid?

OkCupid doesn’t notify users if a profile is active or inactive. However, you can determine if the profile is inactive using certain methods.

OkCupid has search filters where you can search for profiles that are recently active. To find inactive profiles, you can use the filter “active in the past month” and check if the profiles appear when the filter is set to “active in the past 7 days.” If the profiles don’t appear, you can be sure that these are inactive profiles.

You can manually search for profiles on OkCupid and check if they have been active on the platform. All you have to do is search for a person, click on their profile, and check the last time they logged into the platform. If the last login time is 1 month back or later then the profile is inactive.

OkCupid uses a green dot next to a person’s name to indicate profiles that are currently online. If the green dot doesn’t appear then the profile is not online. If you find a profile where the green doesn’t appear for a few days or weeks then the profile is inactive.

OkCupid Green Dot Online Now

The first profiles you see in the Discovery section are the most active. The profiles that appear at the last are less active than the ones that appear at the beginning.

Similarly, the profiles that appear on top in the DoubleTake section are most active and the profiles that appear at the bottom are least active.

How to Make Sure You Don’t See Inactive Profiles While Using OkCupid?

If don’t want to come across inactive profiles while using OkCupid, you can try the following:

  • Use the OkCupid app in busy areas like big cities, crowded places and refrain from using the app in the suburbs or other remote areas.
  • Log in to the app daily so OkCupid figures out that you’re active on the platform and in turn shows you other active profiles.
  • Don’t keep swiping constantly for a long time because if OkCupid runs out of profiles to show, they will start showing you inactive profiles.
  • Check the profile of the person to figure out the last time they were online.
  • Use search filters to filter out profiles that were recently active on the platfrom and don’t use select filters that show profiles that were active the last month.

Does OkCupid Delete Inactive Profiles?

OkCupid deletes inactive profiles that haven’t logged into the OkCupid app for more than two years.

If you didn’t log in to your account at least once in the last two years, your profile will be deleted but it may not yet be removed from their servers. You can contact OkCupid support to check if your profile can be retrieved.

If you logged into your account at least once or twice in the last two years but haven’t been active then your profile won’t be deleted. However, if you are inactive on OkCupid, you won’t be shown the best and most active profiles. You’ll have to log in to the app frequently to get the best profiles.

Uninstalling the OkCupid app from your device doesn’t mean your profile is deleted. You’ll have to manually delete the profile by going to Settings > Accounts > Delete Account.


OkCupid shows mostly active profiles at the beginning but if you’re using this app in an area where there are very few users, you might see inactive profiles. Inactive profiles are mostly users who removed the app but didn’t delete their accounts.

Inactive profiles are shown to users because they want to increase user retention time and get users to buy their premium features. You can figure out if a profile is inactive by checking for the green dot Online Status and using the “Active in the past” search filter.

OkCupid deletes inactive accounts that didn’t log in to the dating platform for more than two years. If you had your account deleted, you can contact OkCupid support to find out if they can retrieve your profile.

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