The Best Matchmaking Services For 2023: (Brutally Honest Review!)

In a world where dating apps like Tinder have taken center stage, finding meaningful connections has become increasingly challenging.

The frustrating swiping culture and superficial interactions have left many professionals feeling exhausted and disillusioned.

That’s where the best matchmaking services come to the rescue, offering a superior alternative to those who value genuine relationships over fleeting flings.

Our comprehensive guide to the best matchmaking services addresses the pain points of using popular dating apps and highlights the advantages of turning to personalized, professional matchmaking.

No more endless swiping or shallow conversations; instead, you’ll be introduced to carefully curated matches that align with your values, goals, and lifestyle.

For busy professionals seeking love, matchmaking services provide the perfect solution, combining privacy, efficiency, and a tailored approach that takes the guesswork out of dating. Say goodbye to the time-consuming, impersonal world of dating apps, and embrace the bespoke experience offered by elite matchmaking.

Join us as we explore the world of top-notch matchmaking services, where your quest for a meaningful connection finally becomes a reality.

Don’t settle for less—let our guide lead you to the perfect match that will truly enhance your life.

Are Matchmaking Services Worth it?

Matchmaking services have been around for quite some time, but the question of whether or not they’re worth it is a complex one. While some people may find success through a matchmaking service, the reality is that success stories are rare, and many people end up wasting thousands of dollars on the services.

However, there is a more promising alternative to traditional matchmaking services, such as eHarmony. With eHarmony, you have access to a much larger pool of potential matches. This means that you are more likely to find someone who is a good match for you, as you have a wider range of options to choose from.

Additionally, eHarmony uses a sophisticated algorithm that is based on a comprehensive questionnaire that you fill out during the signup process. This algorithm takes into account your personality, values, and interests, and uses that information to match you with potential partners who are compatible with you. This means that the matches you receive are likely to be more meaningful and more likely to lead to a successful relationship.

Furthermore, eHarmony only requires a few minutes of your time each day to check for new matches and communicate with potential partners. This makes the process of finding a compatible partner much more efficient and manageable, especially for those who lead busy lives.

In conclusion, while traditional matchmaking services may not be the best option for most people, eHarmony offers a more promising alternative. With a larger pool of potential matches, a sophisticated algorithm, and a time-efficient process, eHarmony can increase your chances of finding a successful relationship.

The Best Matchmaking Services For 2023

1. Millionaire’s Club:

Founded by Patti Stanger, the star of Bravo TV’s “The Millionaire Matchmaker” and We TV’s “Million Dollar Matchmaker,” Millionaire’s Club offers an exclusive and personalized matchmaking experience for successful individuals seeking their perfect match. With a 99% success rate, Patti and her team bring unparalleled expertise and an elite network of singles to the matchmaking industry.

A Unique Approach to Matchmaking with Patti Stanger

As a third-generation matchmaker, Patti Stanger has a natural talent for connecting people. In addition to matchmaking, Millionaire’s Club offers a wide range of services, including relationship counseling, dating coaching, image consulting, and professional photography.

Comprehensive Services to Boost Your Dating Success

In addition to matchmaking services, Millionaire’s Club offers relationship counseling, dating coaching, image consulting, and professional photography to help clients succeed in their romantic pursuits. For those seeking a unique experience, the “Mixer Experience” offers the chance to meet 25 hand-picked singles at a social event hosted by Patti Stanger in their city, starting at $35,000.

Ready to find your perfect match with Millionaire’s Club? [Explore their membership packages]( and start your journey towards lasting love today.

How does pricing work?

Millionaire’s Club offers a range of membership packages to suit your needs, including Bronze, Platinum, and the option to work directly with Patti Stanger for an additional fee.

Bronze Package: Starting at $45,000, the Bronze package includes 12 months of unlimited dating and 2 months of hold time, allowing clients to temporarily freeze their membership.

Platinum Package: For a more personalized experience, the Platinum package starts at $100,000 and offers additional benefits and services.

Work with Patti Stanger: For an additional $35,000, clients can choose to work directly with Patti Stanger, who works exclusively with an average of 10 clients per year.

The elite matchmaking service does not offer refunds.

Pros and Cons of Millionaire’s Club

Here are the pros and cons of the Millionaire’s Club:


  1. Personalized matchmaking services: The Millionaire’s Club offers personalized matchmaking services, tailored to the preferences and requirements of its clients.
  2. High-end clientele: The service boasts a high-end clientele, consisting of successful and wealthy individuals.
  3. Experienced matchmakers: The matchmakers at Millionaire’s Club are experienced in the field and have a good understanding of what their clients are looking for.
  4. Verified members: All members of the Millionaire’s Club are verified, ensuring that the clients are meeting genuine and eligible matches.
  5. Discreet service: The Millionaire’s Club offers a discreet service, protecting the privacy of its clients.


  1. High membership fees: The membership fees for the Millionaire’s Club are very high, making it an expensive option for most people.
  2. Limited services: The service offers limited services in terms of geographical reach, with most of its clients located in the US and Canada.
  3. Mixed reviews: The reviews for the Millionaire’s Club are mixed, with some clients praising the service while others have reported negative experiences.
  4. Long waiting list: Due to the exclusivity of the service, the waiting list for new clients can be quite long, making it difficult to join.
  5. No guarantee of success: While the service promises to find compatible matches for its clients, there is no guarantee of success, and clients may have to pay high fees without getting satisfactory results.

2. Kelleher International: Exclusive Matchmaking for High-Profile Clients

Kelleher International, a family-owned matchmaking service with over 30 years of experience, specializes in helping celebrities, athletes, business visionaries, CEOs, and more find their perfect match. Founded by Jill Kelleher and currently run by her and her daughter Amber Kelleher-Andrews, the company offers personalized services tailored to client’s unique needs and relationship goals.

A Personalized Approach to Finding Your Ideal Partner

Kelleher International’s team of professional matchmakers takes the time to get to know you personally to understand your partner’s preferences and relationship goals. With affiliated offices in 16 major cities across the US and a presence in London, Toronto, and Vancouver, their exclusive network connects clients with the world’s most eligible singles.

How does pricing work?

Kelleher International offers membership packages ranging from one to three years, with pricing based on the scope of your search:

Local Search: Starting at $25,000, this package covers one location with the option to add additional cities for $5,000 each.

National Search: Beginning at $45,000, this package expands your search nationwide.

International Search: Also known as the “CEO Club,” this elite package starts at $150,000 and includes a personal consultation with Jill or Amber. Prices can range up to $300,000 or more.

Memberships come with up to 12 months of “hold time,” allowing clients to temporarily pause their service when they meet a promising match.

Comprehensive Services for a Seamless Dating Experience

In addition to matchmaking services, Kelleher International offers one-on-one coaching, private supper parties, and unique experiences to enhance clients’ dating lives. To explore Kelleher International’s membership packages and find your perfect match.

Pros and Cons of Kelleher International

Here are some pros and cons of Kelleher International:


  1. Professional matchmaking services: Kelleher International provides a professional matchmaking service to help busy individuals find a suitable romantic partner. The service is designed to help people save time and find someone who meets their specific criteria.
  2. Personalized service: Kelleher International offers personalized matchmaking services that are tailored to each client’s unique preferences and needs. The matchmakers work closely with clients to understand their goals and expectations, which helps them find a suitable match.
  3. Dedicated professionals: According to one review, Kelleher International has a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to helping clients find love. The reviewer praises Tiffany and the rest of the Kelleher team for providing support and guidance throughout the matchmaking process.


  1. High cost: Kelleher International’s matchmaking services are expensive, with some clients reportedly paying thousands of dollars for the service. This may not be affordable for everyone, which could limit the company’s customer base.
  2. Poor handling of sexual assault case: The second review raises serious concerns about how Kelleher International handled a sexual assault case involving one of its clients. The reviewer claims that the company did not respond to her distress calls and that they communicated with her perpetrator during the investigation. This could raise questions about the company’s ethics and professionalism.
  3. Poor reputation management: The second review also suggests that Kelleher International has engaged in poor reputation management by deleting negative reviews and threatening clients with legal action. This could undermine the company’s credibility and make potential clients wary of using their services.

3. Ambiance Matchmaking: Personalized Matchmaking Service for Cultured and Educated Singles

Since 2002, Ambiance Matchmaking has been offering exclusive and personalized matchmaking services to successful professionals seeking genuine relationships. The company boasts a highly educated and accomplished member base, with a strong focus on confidentiality and quality.

A Tailored Approach to Matchmaking

Ambiance Matchmaking is committed to providing a hands-on, personalized approach to matchmaking. With a team of skilled matchmakers and an extensive network, Ambiance Matchmaking connects highly-vetted and educated singles to help clients find the perfect match.

How does pricing work?

Ambiance Matchmaking offers memberships ranging from $25,000 to $100,000 for a 12-month commitment, with local, national, or international search options. All memberships include up to two matches per month and the ability to freeze your membership.

Comprehensive Services to Support Your Dating Journey

In addition to matchmaking services, Ambiance Matchmaking offers dating advice, and access to City Date Guides, podcasts, and blogs featuring dating experts. This comprehensive support ensures clients have everything they need to succeed in their dating journey.

Pros and Cons of Ambiance Matchmaking

Here is the list of pros and cons for Ambiance Matchmaking:


  1. Personalized service: Many users appreciated the personalized touch offered by Ambiance Matchmaking, which is not usually available with modern-day dating sites or apps.
  2. Quality matches: Several users praised Ambiance Matchmaking for introducing them to high-quality, successful, and attractive singles.
  3. Professional staff: Some users found the staff at Ambiance Matchmaking to be dedicated, attentive, and responsive.
  4. Attention to detail: The service is known for its attention to detail, which helps to provide the best experience for its members.
  5. Endorsement from clients: One user personally endorsed and recommended Ambiance Matchmaking services to single friends, which indicates a high level of satisfaction.
  6. Positive reviews: There are several positive reviews available online, including on reputable sites like The New York Times.


  1. Cost: Some users felt that the service was a bad investment and that they did not get their money’s worth.
  2. Inconsistent results: Some users did not get the number of matches they were promised, while others did not feel that the matches were of the quality they expected.
  3. Lack of attention to preferences: One user reported being set up with someone who did not share their desire for marriage and children, despite having explicitly stated that preference.
  4. Nasty email: One user received a nasty email after reaching out to another matchmaker, which left a bad taste in their mouth.
  5. Dismissive owner: Another user reported feeling dismissed by the owner, who did not pay attention to what they were looking for in the first place.
  6. Negative reviews: There are a few negative reviews available online, which indicate that the service may not work for everyone.

4. VIDA Select

Since 2009, VIDA Select has been offering elite matchmaking services to help clients find their perfect match from the world’s largest database of eligible singles. With a team of expert matchmakers and comprehensive dating support, VIDA Select sets itself apart from other agencies by focusing on quality and choice.

A Unique Approach to Matchmaking

Unlike many elite matchmaking agencies with limited pools of potential matches, VIDA Select allows you to be as selective as you want. In fact, you’ll exclusively meet singles who meet all your “must-have” criteria. You’ll have the final say on who stays and who goes after reviewing their comprehensive profile and photos. This means no time will ever be wasted on lackluster blind dates.

How does pricing work?

VIDA Select offers an array of membership packages to suit your needs, including Basic, Premium, and Elite options. Prices are highly correlated with the number of hours devoted to your search for compatible matches each month.

Basic Packages: Starting at $995 per month, these packages provide a cost-effective solution for those looking to test the waters of elite matchmaking services.

Premium Packages: For a more personalized experience, Premium packages start at $1,595 per month, offering additional time dedicated to finding your perfect match.

Elite Packages: For clients seeking the ultimate matchmaking experience, Elite packages start at $2,395 per month and provide the highest level of service.

With no multi-month contracts, you can try VIDA Select for one month and continue on a month-to-month basis until you meet that special someone. On average, it takes just 11 dates to find a long-term relationship potential.

Comprehensive Services to Boost Your Dating Success:

In addition to matchmaking services, VIDA Select consultants write client dating profiles, connect clients to professional photographers for better dating photos, and handle all messages between clients and potential matches. With a decade of experience and over 5,000 successful matches, VIDA Select offers the expertise and support you need to find your perfect partner.

Ready to find your perfect match? Explore VIDA Select’s membership packages and start your journey towards lasting love today.

Pros and Cons of Vida Select

Here are the pros and cons of Vida Select:


  1. Effective service: Many users have reported that VIDA Select provides outstanding and effective matchmaking services, delivering good results and helping them find compatible partners.
  2. Professional staff: The matchmakers, writers, photo experts, and scouts at VIDA Select are described as professional, intuitive, communicative, articulate, and kind by some users.
  3. Time-saving: VIDA Select can save you time by acting as your “dating quarterback,” helping you navigate the complex world of online dating and finding suitable matches for you.
  4. Positive work environment: According to anonymous employee reviews, 96% of employees would recommend working at VIDA Select to a friend, and 90% have a positive outlook for the business. This shows that his workspace is also good. Employees are also good and they give a good service to their customers.


  1. Expensive: VIDA Select is quite expensive, with a starting cost of $1,195 for the matchmaking service, plus additional fees for photography and boosting dating apps. This can make it unaffordable for some users.
  2. Inconsistent service: Some users have reported that the service they received was neglectful and a waste of money and time. One user, in particular, mentioned that they received no matches in six weeks, despite paying a high fee.
  3. Poor communication: Some users have complained about the poor communication and slow response times of the VIDA Select team, making it difficult to resolve technical problems or get matches.
  4. Lacks personal touch: Several users have reported that the service lacked a personal touch and that the conversation with matches felt inane and lacked depth.

5. Agape Match

The Boutique Matchmaking Service for Discerning Singles in NYC

Since 2008, Agape Match has provided tailored matchmaking services to help clients find their perfect match in New York City and the surrounding areas. Founded by Maria Avgitidis, a 4th generation Greek matchmaker, this boutique service offers a personal touch to the world of matchmaking.

A Unique Approach to Matchmaking

Agape Match is a full-service matchmaker, meaning they handle everything from identifying potential matches to planning every aspect of the date. Clients receive a brief profile of their match before the date and receive feedback afterward. This comprehensive approach ensures a high level of success in finding the perfect partner.

How does pricing work?

Agape Match offers various membership options, including free membership for eligible singles in their database, and matchmaking packages starting at $25,000 for six months of active search time and a minimum of six introductions. A “success fee” of $5,000 may apply if a relationship lasts longer than six months. Contracts can be frozen for up to six months if clients wish to explore a relationship.

In addition to matchmaking services, Agape Match offers short-term and long-term date coaching programs, including a 12-week one-on-one course starting at $10,000. Completing the course grants VIP status for matchmaking, prioritizing clients in the search process.

Comprehensive Services for Your Dating Success

Agape Match’s services include in-depth, personalized consultations, expertly planned dates, and valuable feedback after each date. The company’s award-winning matchmaking methodology is designed to curate and arrange matches based on clients’ unique match criteria and dating personalities, ensuring a truly customized experience.

If you’re looking for a matchmaking service that values your time, privacy, and dating preferences, Agape Match offers the expertise and support you need to find your perfect partner.

Pros and Cons of Agape Match

Here are some potential pros and cons of Agape Match:


  1. Group coaching program: Several reviewers praised the group coaching program offered by Agape Match, mentioning that it provided valuable insight into themselves, their dating history, and how to create successful dating situations in the future.
  2. Knowledgeable matchmakers: Many reviewers mentioned that the matchmakers, Maria and Chrisoula, were knowledgeable and offered valuable advice about dating and relationships.
  3. Instagram and podcast presence: Some reviewers were initially drawn to Agape Match because of Matchmaker Maria’s Instagram account and podcast, which they found helpful and informative.
  4. Positive experience: A few reviewers mentioned that they had a positive experience with Agape Match and were happy with the service they received.
  5. Empowering: One reviewer mentioned that the coaching program was empowering and left them with renewed hope for their dating future.


  1. Poor customer service: Several reviewers mentioned that they had negative experiences with Agape Match’s customer service, including dismissive, condescending, and rude behavior from the matchmaker during consultations.
  2. Inconsistent matches: Some reviewers mentioned that the matches they were provided were not within the criteria they had asked for and that there was little input or discussion on matches.
  3. Poor matching: Some reviewers mentioned that the matches they received were not compatible with them or did not consider their looks or preferences.
  4. Expensive: Some reviewers mentioned that the service was expensive and did not provide value for the money.
  5. Unprofessional: Some reviewers mentioned that Agape Match was unprofessional in their approach to matching, and one reviewer described their experience as “disgusting.”

6. Tawkify: Personalized Matchmaking for Meaningful Connections

Tawkify, a matchmaking company in business for over 10 years, has helped create more than 150,000 matches with over 1 million singles in their network. Serving every state, Tawkify is known for its professional, personalized, and successful approach to matchmaking. Clients benefit from a range of services, including a personal matchmaker, in-depth consultations, extensive candidate search and match screenings, designed date introductions, follow-up coaching, and enhanced safety measures.

Tawkify’s professional matchmakers utilize a patented algorithm to pair members, but ultimately, human expertise makes the final decision. Clients meet an average of one match per month, allowing matchmakers to curate strong potential candidates through in-depth conversations and video interviews. By focusing on blind dates, Tawkify ensures the utmost privacy and safety for its clients.

How does pricing work?

Tawkify offers free screening and the option to join the dating pool for free. There are also three membership levels, ranging from $2,000 to $40,000, depending on the level of service and client needs.

Safe and Private Dating

All dates arranged by Tawkify are blind dates, ensuring privacy and safety. To further protect clients, Tawkify does not allow the exchange of phone numbers at the end of the first date. Instead, clients rate their date with their matchmaker, and mutual interest leads to an exchange of contact information.

How Does Pricing Work?

Three membership levels, ranging from $2,000 to $40,000, cater to different service levels and client needs. Services include custom dating profiles, planned dates, and insightful feedback, dating advice, and guidance from coaches between dates.

A Worthwhile Option for the Adventurous Dater

Tawkify could be a great option for those who enjoy the excitement of monthly blind date experiences. However, more selective daters may prefer a matchmaking service that allows them to pick and choose people they’re interested in meeting before investing time and money in a date.

Pros and Cons of Tawkify

Here are some pros and cons for Tawkify:


  1. Personalized matchmaking: Tawkify offers an alternative to traditional dating sites, with personalized matchmaking by professional matchmakers.
  2. Join For Free: Tawkify offers free screening and the option to join the dating pool for free.
  3. Good Experience: Some users report positive experiences and successful matches with Tawkify.
  4. Selective singles pool: Tawkify claims to have a selective pool of eligible singles who are looking for serious relationships.
  5. privacy and safety: Tawkify offers privacy and safety for its members, with only matchmakers having access to their profiles.
  6. Professional Matchmakers: Tawkify matchmakers are reported to be helpful, supportive, and expert in understanding what users are looking for in a partner.


  1. Expensive: Tawkify’s services are expensive, with some users reporting that they are not worth the price.
  2. Too much time Taking: Some users report that Tawkify matchmakers don’t really take the time to get to know their clients and just match them up to meet a quota.
  3. Refund Policy: Tawkify’s refund policy is reported to be broken, and some users report difficulty in obtaining a refund.
  4. Inadequate Screening: Some users report that Tawkify doesn’t do enough to qualify its matches, resulting in mismatches and wasted dates.
  5. Poor Customer Dealing: Some users report experiencing rude customer service agents who use humiliating language.

7. Exclusive Matchmaking: Elite, Tailored, and Successful Connections

Exclusive Matchmaking is a premier matchmaking service catering to elite singles seeking a confidential, reputable, and selective company to help them find their soulmate. Founded by Millionaire Matchmaker Susan Trombetti, the company boasts a team of dedicated professionals and dating experts with a vast international network of discerning singles. Exclusive Matchmaking offers various services for both men and women, including a blog with dating advice for finding love.

A Certified Expert with a Recognized Brand

As a certified executive member of the Professional Matchmaking Association from The Matchmaking Institute, Susan Trombetti is one of the most sought-after professional matchmakers. Over the past decade, she has grown Exclusive Matchmaking by hand-selecting team members who share her passion for helping others find love. Susan and her team offer a variety of services ranging from “Investigate Your Date” to “Ask The Matchmaker.”

A Highly-Tailored Approach

Exclusive Matchmaking believes in a personalized matchmaking plan rather than a “cookie-cutter approach.” The team spends considerable time understanding clients’ goals and creating a unique experience. Exclusive Matchmaking has an extensive global network, including elite singles, celebrities, tastemakers, high-net-worth individuals, innovators, and other business owners. This vibrant network lies at the heart of the company’s success.

How does pricing work?

Exclusive Matchmaking offers a comprehensive menu of matchmaking and dating services for both men and women. Options include Consultation for Matchmaking or Coaching ($350/550), Exclusive Introductions for ages 21 to 32, and VIP Platinum Matchmaking, with fees typically ranging from $7,500 to $50,000 and up to $250,000 depending on search criteria.

Additional services include background checks on the person you are dating (starting at $99+) and The Bachelor Party ($4k+), a personalized event where clients are introduced to potential matches in a cocktail party setting.

For those seeking a high-end matchmaking service to find their soulmate, Exclusive Matchmaking is the ideal choice. With a tailored approach, expert matchmakers, and a variety of services to suit client’s needs, Exclusive Matchmaking is dedicated to helping clients find lasting love.

Pros and Cons of Exclusive Matchmaking:

Here are some potential pros and cons of exclusive matchmaking services:


  1. Personalized attention: Exclusive matchmaking services typically provide a high level of personal attention to clients, taking the time to understand their preferences and needs to provide tailored matches.
  2. Time-saving: For busy professionals, outsourcing the task of finding a compatible partner can save a lot of time and energy that can be better spent on other pursuits.
  3. High-quality matches: Many reviewers noted that the matches they were introduced to through exclusive matchmaking services were of a higher caliber than those they found on their own or through online dating.
  4. Discretion: Exclusive matchmaking services often provide a high level of discretion and privacy for clients, which can be important for those who want to keep their dating life private.


  1. High cost: Exclusive matchmaking services can be quite expensive, which may be a barrier for some people who cannot afford the fees.
  2. Limited pool of potential matches: Because these services are often only available to a select group of clients, the pool of potential matches may be smaller than what one could find through online dating or other means.
  3. No guarantees: While these services can provide personalized attention and high-quality matches, there are no guarantees that clients will find a compatible partner through them.
  4. Limited transparency: Some reviewers noted that the matchmaking process was not always transparent, and they were unsure of how matches were being selected or if there were biases at play.

8. LUMA Luxury Matchmaking:

LUMA Luxury Matchmaking is a high-end matchmaking service that helps singles find their perfect match with personalized and confidential service. Founded by April Davis, who has over 20 years of experience in matchmaking, LUMA has successfully matched numerous couples through its team of highly trained matchmakers.

A Personalized Approach to Matchmaking

LUMA’s matchmaking philosophy focuses on finding long-term compatibility by understanding a client’s values, personalities, and backgrounds. With certified life coaches and matchmakers, clients receive 5 hours of date coaching in addition to personalized matchmaking services.

How does pricing work?

With headquarters near Minneapolis and offices in over 30 states, LUMA offers a wide range of membership options, including free database inclusion for passive members and premium search memberships with prices starting at $2,800 and ranging up to $100,000. Costs vary depending on factors like the difficulty of finding a match and the desired number of introductions.

No-Refund Policy and Mixed Reviews

The company has mixed reviews, with a 2.5-star rating on Yelp, a 4.2-star rating on Google, and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with a 4.45 out of 5-star rating based on 53 reviews.

Make an Informed Decision

Before signing a contract with LUMA, potential clients should carefully consider their options and ask questions during the initial consultation to ensure the service is the right fit for them. [Explore LUMA Luxury Matchmaking’s services]( and start your journey towards finding your ideal match today.

Pros and Cons of LUMA

Here are some pros and cons of LUMA:


  1. Personalized Matchmaking: LUMA offers a personalized matchmaking service that takes into account your unique personality traits, preferences, and relationship goals. This approach can increase the likelihood of finding a compatible partner.
  2. Quality Matches: LUMA’s team of professional matchmakers conduct thorough background checks and screening to ensure that the individuals they match you with are genuine and serious about finding a long-term partner.
  3. Time-Saving: The LUMA matchmaking service can save you the time and effort that you would have spent searching for a compatible partner on your own.
  4. Privacy: LUMA takes the privacy of its clients seriously and maintains strict confidentiality. The personal information of clients is not shared without their consent.


  1. Refund Policy & Cost: LUMA has a no-refund policy due to the hard work invested in each client’s search. The personalized matchmaking service offered by LUMA can be expensive, and not everyone may be able to afford it.
  2. Limited Reach: LUMA is only available in certain locations, so individuals who live in areas where LUMA does not operate may not be able to use their services.
  3. No Guarantee: While LUMA’s professional matchmakers do their best to find compatible partners for their clients, there is no guarantee of finding a perfect match.
  4. Limited Control: Unlike online dating services, clients have limited control over the matching process and are dependent on the expertise of LUMA’s matchmakers.

9. It’s Just Lunch: Personalized Matchmaking for Busy Professionals

Since its inception, It’s Just Lunch (IJL) has been catering to busy professionals looking for a convenient dating solution without the need for swiping or messaging on dating apps. With its unique matchmaking services and personalized approach, IJL offers its members a tailored experience with both pros and cons to consider.

How does pricing work?

IJL’s pricing varies depending on factors such as the city you live in and the number of dates you sign up for. Recent customers have reported paying between $1,000 and $5,000 for their package, with pricing in the $2,000 range being most common.

Mixed Reviews and Personalized Service

IJL is popular among an older demographic and has mixed reviews. The company doesn’t offer a fixed number of dates per month, emphasizing a tailored approach to cater to individual preferences and schedules.

Make an Informed Decision

Before signing up with It’s Just Lunch, potential clients should carefully consider their options, ask questions during the initial consultation, and read reviews to ensure the service is the right fit for them. [Explore It’s Just Lunch’s personalized matchmaking services]( and start your journey to finding love today.

Pros and Cons of It’s Just Lunch

Here are some pros and cons for the It’s Just Lunch matchmaking service:


  1. Satisfactory Services: The service does set up dates for members, and some members have had positive experiences, as evidenced by positive reviews.
  2. Availability: It’s Just Lunch has locations in multiple cities across the United States, so there is a chance that a member will be able to find matches in their area.
  3. Professional Coach: Some members have had positive experiences with the dating coaches, who provide advice and support throughout the matchmaking process.


  1. No Guarantee: Many negative reviews have been left by members who felt that the service did not deliver on its promises. Some members have reported that they did not receive any matches, despite paying for the service.
  2. fraudulent practices: There have been several lawsuits filed against ‘It’s Just Lunch’ alleging fraudulent business practices, which suggests that there may be some validity to the negative reviews.
  3. Unprofessional behavior: Members have reported poor communication and unprofessional behavior from It’s Just Lunch staff, including ignoring emails and questions.
  4. Expensive: The service is expensive, with some members reporting that they paid thousands of dollars without receiving satisfactory service.
  5. Limited pool: Some reviews suggest that the service has a limited pool of candidates and that matches may not be well-suited to members’ preferences or profiles.

10. Three Day Rule: Personalized Matchmaking for Selective Singles

Three Day Rule is a personalized matchmaking service that offers pre- and post-date coaching and in-person screening. With a focus on finding the best matches for busy professionals, Three Day Rule operates in 12 U.S. cities and caters to both straight and LGBTQ+ singles.

Tailored Approach with In-Person Consultations

Once you fill out an online profile, you’ll have an in-person consultation with a professional matchmaker in your city. This hour-long interview helps the matchmaker understand your preferences and desired qualities in a match. After signing a 3- or 6-month contract, you’ll be introduced to matches from the database and the matchmaker’s personal network. Your matchmaker will meet with potential matches for at least an hour to ensure compatibility.

How does pricing work?

Joining the database of potential matches is free. To become a paying client, you can choose from several membership options:

* 3 matches guaranteed over 3 months for $5,900

* 6 matches guaranteed over 6 months for $9,500

* VIP memberships starting at $18,500 for 6 months of matchmaking

All packages include a photo shoot and 2 dating coaching sessions. Additionally, you can purchase “Dating Strategy Services,” which are 50-minute Skype sessions.

Pros and Cons of Three Day Rule

Here are some potential pros and cons of Three Day Rule:


  1. Professional and personalized service: One user found their matchmaker to be professional and full of helpful dating advice. They appreciated having someone to provide pre-date tips and keep their expectations in check. Another user felt that their matchmaker listened to their needs and delivered matches that aligned with what they were looking for.
  2. Intentional and respectful matchmaking process: One user felt that the matchmaking process was intentional and respectful. They appreciated that their match contacted them consistently throughout their few dates and described him very well.
  3. Real live men interested in a relationship: According to one user, a matchmaker from Three Day Rule messaged them on LinkedIn and claimed that they had “real live men who are interested in a relationship.” Another user felt that the service would be a great way to meet people and filter through the noise that can be on dating apps.
  4. Inclusive Services for a Diverse Clientele: Three Day Rule claims to have one of the largest and most selective networks of singles, including those in the LGBTQ+ community. The company focuses on busy professionals with little time for dating and screens matches against more than 100 criteria in a psychological test. Clients can also access additional services like professional photos, one-on-one coaching sessions, and style consultations for an added fee.


  1. Cost: One user felt that the service was wasteful of both time and money. They claimed that the cost of a single date prorated was about $2000, which was very expensive for them. They also felt that the quality of people they were matched with was lower than the quality of people they met on their own from dating apps or out with friends.
  2. Quality of matches: Several users felt that the quality of matches they received was not up to par. One user claimed that they were matched with low-quality matches who did not look like their pictures and did not meet their criteria. Another user felt that men were mediocre and that there weren’t enough quality men out there.
  3. Inconsistent experience with matchmakers: One user had a mixed experience with their matchmakers. While they thought their first matchmaker was nice, they didn’t like their recommendations for their photoshoot. The user was then reassigned to another matchmaker who they felt was excellent. However, they still had some negative experiences with the matches they were set up with.

How much do matchmaking services cost?

The cost of matchmaking services can differ significantly based on the level of service, place, the company’s reputation, and the degree of personalization provided. In general, fees can span from a modest few hundred dollars for basic services to an extravagant sum of tens of thousands of dollars for exclusive, high-end services targeting a more upscale clientele. So, thoroughly investigate various matchmaking agencies and grasp their pricing structures and offered services. This will help you select the ideal matchmaker that caters to your requirements and aligns with your budget.

How do matchmaking services work?

The journey begins with an initial consultation, a one-on-one conversation that allows the matchmaker to delve deep into your personality, values, and relationship goals. They may even use questionnaires, interviews, or personality assessments to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of your preferences.

With your unique profile in hand, the matchmaker scours their database of eligible singles or taps into their professional networks to identify the most promising candidates. Rest assured that each potential match is carefully screened and assessed based on a range of factors, including shared interests, values, and lifestyle.

Once the ideal candidates are identified, your matchmaker takes the reins, coordinating introductions and setting up dates, so you can focus on building meaningful connections. Throughout your journey, they offer ongoing feedback, support, and guidance, refining their search criteria to help you find that special someone you’ve been searching for.

So, if you’re ready to leave behind the world of superficial swipes and fleeting flings, matchmaking services are here to provide a tailored, results-driven approach that puts you on the path to a successful and fulfilling relationship.