How Do You Know If Someone Is Active On Tinder?

Tinder is a dating app that displays your age, a brief biography, and your location. But can Tinder detect whether you’re online and actively using this app similar to messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger?

Tinder doesn’t indicate users if someone is online and active on Tinder. The only way to find out if someone is currently active on Tinder is if their location is changing or they are messaging you. You can determine if a person was online in the last 24 hours by activating the “Recently Active” feature but it doesn’t tell you if the person is active on Tinder right now.

In this article, I’ll go through some of the ways you can find out whether a person is active on Tinder.

How To Tell if Someone is Active on Tinder

Right now, there is no way to determine if a person is active on Tinder. Dating apps like Plenty Of Fish, for example, have a feature called “online now” that highlights the profiles that are currently active on that app.

However, there is no such feature in Tinder that allows you to check if a profile is active or online. Tinder had a “Last Active” feature in 2019 that showed how many hours ago when the user was last active on Tinder but, this feature has been discontinued.

Tinder had to delete this functionality due to security concerns. Some users were using this feature to stalk others online and Tinder has deleted this feature to minimize online stalking.

I am going to share a few tricks that will allow you to determine if a person is online or active on Tinder currently.

Check for Changes in Location

The first way to find out if a user is active on Tinder is to look for changes in their location.

Tinder shows you the distance between you and the user you matched with. The distance is displayed in the form of a number with a unit like miles or kilometers.

Distance in Tinder

For example, if your match was 41 miles away the last time you chatted with them and now that person is only 10 miles away, it is a clear indication that they’re currently active on Tinder.

The user’s location changes instantly after they open the Tinder app and this new location is displayed to other users. There are a few reasons why Tinder does this.

The first reason is Tinder needs to send the highest quality matches to other users for better engagement. If you set the Maximum distance setting to 5 miles then Tinder will find out the highest quality matches that are active within 5 miles from you.

The second reason is other users in your vicinity must be able to locate your profile. Tinder uses GPS in your phone to detect your location. Once Tinder successfully connects to your GPS, your distance from other users is shown in the app.

Check if the User is Typing in the Chatbox

Another way to determine if the user is active on Tinder is to check if the user is typing something in the chatbox. Tinder uses the message bubbles symbol to show if the user is typing something. This feature was first introduced in the Apple iMessage app.

Tinder Message Bubble

Tinder users can know that the other user is typing if they see the message bubbles (three dots) appearing in the chat window. The three dots appear as soon as something is typed like text or a GIF into the chatbox. This is a brilliant way to see if another user is online, especially if you’re waiting for a response to a message you sent them.

To see if someone is still online on Tinder, send out a message as a lure. Send a random message and see if you get a response. If you get a response then you can be sure that the person is active.

Check for Picture and Biography Updates

The next step is to look for any changes in pictures or the bio. If someone is online and using Tinder actively, their profile will almost certainly have new and updated pictures.

If you see new photos in their profile they most likely have been taken recently. If you’re friends with that person on social media like Instagram or Snapchat then you can cross-reference to when the photo was taken to see if it matches their social profile.

Swipe up to Super like

Another method to check if they are active on Tinder is to check for their holiday photos. If they have images from Christmas or New Year, you can almost certainly guess that they were taken in December. Similarly, if you see beach party photos then it could mean that the pictures were taken on Spring break from March to April.

Users frequently edit their bios to reflect fresh perspectives or to provide additional information about their lives. Therefore, you should check to see if a person has updated or even removed their bio to verify if they are still active.

Swipe Right to See if they Swipe Right on Your Profile

Another technique to check if someone is active on Tinder if you haven’t matched yet is to swipe right on their profile and wait till they swipe right on your profile.

Tinder alerts active users with a notification “It’s a Match” and you will be notified that a new match is waiting for you. If you’re not using the app currently then Tinder will send you a push notification saying “You have a new match” and “Don’t keep your match waiting.”

"It's a Match" Tinder

If you match with someone who swipes right on you, it signifies they’re active on Tinder.

Use Tinder Read Receipts

Tinder Read Receipts is a feature that shows you if a person has read your message. If the person is already matched with you then you can check if they are active on Tinder using Read Receipts.

All you have to do is send them a message on Tinder and then use the Read Receipts feature to check if they have read your message. If Read Receipts show that your message was read by the other user then it’s confirmed that they are online and active on Tinder.

Tinder Read Receipts is a paid feature so you will have to buy a pack of 5, 10, or 20 Read Receipts.

Download a Spy App on the User’s Phone

It can be difficult to make out if a person is still active and using Tinder, but if you’re worried and want to be sure, you can get a spy app.

However, you will need to download it on the individual’s phone you wish to spy on. They won’t be able to conceal their faults and try to lie once they’ve done it.

Spy apps check the apps used by the user and how much time they spend on them. If you find Tinder in their used apps then you’re sure that they are actively using Tinder.

Use a Friend’s Tinder Account

Another way to check someone’s status on Tinder is to ask a friend to create a Tinder account for you or discover a friend who owns an account already. Then, tell them to sweep through the crowd looking for the individual you’re looking for.

You can consistently use the “My friend spotted your account on Tinder” explanation in a dispute if your friend ever bumps into the person you used to track his/her Tinder activity.

How to Appear Offline or Inactive on Tinder

There are a few ways to appear offline or inactive on Tinder.

The first way is to delete your profile entirely. If you no longer wish to be visible on Tinder, delete your account and uninstall the Tinder application from your phone. This is the most effective approach to appear inactive or offline if you’re not interested in the app.

The second way is to use Tinder from the same place every time. You have to make sure not to use Tinder when you’re at some other place. If you keep using Tinder from the same place then your profile will show the same distance for others and it will appear as you’re inactive on Tinder.

If you want to read Tinder messages without revealing your distance from the user then you can turn off GPS in your smartphone and then use the Tinder app.

You can also enable Airplane mode on your phone and connect to a Wi-Fi network. This makes sure that Tinder cannot connect to your GPS and show your distance from others while you’re using the app.

How to Know the Last Time Someone was Active on Tinder

Tinder doesn’t have a feature that notifies the last time someone was active on Tinder. They had a “Last Active” feature but this feature has been removed.

Currently, there is no way to know the last time someone was active on Tinder. However, you can find out if a user was active in the last 24 hours using a feature called “Recently Active.”

How to Tell if Someone Has Been Active on Tinder Recently

Although you can no longer view when a profile was last active on Tinder, you can still use some paid Tinder features, such as Recently Active, to get a better indication of whether a Tinder user has been active on the app.

When you first open Tinder and begin scrolling, you’ll notice several profiles with a green dot beside their name. This green dot represents the “Recently Active” feature meaning the person was active on Tinder in the last 24 hours.

If you see the green dot beside the user’s name you are looking for then you can be sure that this person was active on Tinder recently. However, if the green dot doesn’t appear next to their name then you can try using the methods shared above to check if they were recently active on the app.


There is no sure way to check if someone is active on Tinder. Nonetheless, users can determine if the user is active by checking the changes in distance, changes in pictures or bio, if the user is typing a message, if the user has read your last message, and by using a spy app.

Tinder conceals a user’s online status to protect them from spammers using fake profiles and stalkers. If you want to know for sure if they are online on Tinder then the best way would be to just ask them or check to see if the app is present on their phone.

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