the key to my heart is hinge?

Mercyme-God with us

Answers To Hinge Prompt “the key to my heart is” Complete List Of Hinge Questions*
I know the best spot in town for
A shower thought I recently had
A life goal of mine
A random fact I love is
A social cause I care about
All I ask is that you
An overshare
Believe it or not, I
Best travel story
Biggest risk IÕve taken
Change my mind about
Dating me is like
Do you agree or disagree that
DonÕt hate me if I
Fact about me that surprises people
First round is on me if
Give me travel tips for
I bet you canÕt
I geek out on
I get along best with people who
I go crazy for
I recently discovered that
I take pride in
I want someone who
I wonÕt shut up about
IÕll brag about you to my friends if
IÕm convinced that
IÕm overly competitive about
IÕm weirdly attracted to
If loving this is wrong, I donÕt want to be right
IÕll fall for you if
IÕll introduce you to my family if
IÕll know IÕve found the one when
IÕll know itÕs time to delete Hinge when
IÕll pick the topic if you start the conversation
IÕm a regular at
IÕm looking for
IÕm the type of texter who
LetÕs debate this topic
LetÕs make sure weÕre on the same page about
Most spontaneous thing IÕve done
My love language is
My biggest date fail
My greatest strength
My ideal date from home
My mantra is
My most controversial opinion is
My most irrational fear
My simple pleasures
Never have I ever
One thing IÕll never do again
Something thatÕs non-negotiable for me is
Teach me something about
The award I should be nominated for
The best way to ask me out is by
The dorkiest thing about me is
The hallmark of a good relationship is
The key to my heart is
The one thing IÕd love to know about you is
The one thing you should know about me is
The secret to getting to know me is
The way to win me over is
This year, I really want to
Together, we could
Try to guess this about me
Two truths and a lie
Typical Sunday
Unusual skills
WeÕll get along if
Weirdest gift IÕve given or received
WeÕre the same type of weird if
What I order for the table
What if I told you that
Which is more important to you
Worst idea IÕve ever had
You should *not* go out with me if
You should leave a comment if
YouÕll know I like you if

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