Why do Tinder Chats Disappear?

Tinder chats will be live and active when a user logs in, but they may abruptly disappear from the message queue when they log out from the app.

Tinder chats disappear when a user removes you from their match list by ummatching your profile, deletes their Tinder account, or you unmatch them accidentally.

This article explains why Tinder chats disappear abruptly and what might be going on with your Tinder account.

Do Tinder Chats Disappear?

Tinder matches will stay matched until the user participates in the chat or unmatches you, unlike other mobile dating applications like Bumble, which gives the user only 24 hours to reply to the match before it expires. 

When a person is matched with another user, they will see an “It’s a Match” screen that indicates that they have a match. The “It’s a Match” screen will have the user’s photo beside the person they have matched with and two options “SEND MESSAGE” and “KEEP SWIPING.”

"It's a Match" Tinder

From here, the user has a significant time window to contact their match. There is no time constraint for one user to match another once this screen is activated. The person you matched with will stay in your match queue as long as they don’t unmatch you or delete the app. 

Tinder conversations do not disappear on their own. However, there could be a few reasons why the person you matched with may no longer be available to chat with anymore. All of these reasons are mentioned below.

They have Unmatched You

It’s a worrying prospect, but the main reason why you no longer see the match you were speaking to is that they have unmatched you

Regardless of how well you thought things were going, there’s a strong chance that the person on the other side isn’t feeling that spark anymore or has discovered another match they’re attracted to. This will almost always result in the user unmatching you and deleting your whole chat history.

Because there are so many individuals who come and go on Tinder, a user may feel like they need somebody new to talk to and they will delete your messages from their chat history.

Another reason could be that the user was just pranking you with a fake profile and they are done with you.

So, my suggestion is to toughen up, forget about the person who unmatched you and keep on swiping.

They have Deleted their Tinder account

If the person has deleted their Tinder account then your chat history with that person will disappear.

Tinder doesn’t notify you if the other person has deleted their Tinder account, so if you see your chat history deleted then one possible reason could be that the other person has deleted their Tinder account or uninstalled the Tinder app.

You have Accidentally Unmatched them

If you’re sloppy with your fingertips on Tinder, you could accidentally unmatch them and your chat history will disappear. It could also happen if you use Tinder while intoxicated. This hurts even more if you spent your Super like on them.

You can unmatch someone by swiping to the left over that person’s name and selecting the option to unmatch. As I mentioned earlier, this could happen unintentionally, especially if you’re deleting old chats. There’s also an option to unmatch in the top right corner of any chat session.

When considering whether to unmatch and remove someone, it totally depends on you. If you found the conversation really interesting then you should continue and if you don’t feel the spark then unmatch that person ASAP.

What Happens When I Unmatch a User?

When you unmatch a user, the other party will not receive any notification or message that you have unmatched them. Instead, they will disappear from your feed, and you will disappear from theirs. Your chat history with that person will also get deleted.

Unmatch on Tinder

It’s crucial to keep all your conversations on Tinder and not give out any personal information like telephone number, social media profiles, etc. until you’re ready to commit to that individual and have met them at least two or three times.

This is highly suggested because if you remove a match and don’t want to communicate with them, having their contact information could develop into a real headache.

There have been countless stories where both guys and gals continued to contact people after they’ve unmatched them. To avoid this, keep all talks on Tinder and be upfront with the other person about the fact that you want to keep everything on the platform until you’re ready to move ahead. This will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

Will the user know I have Unmatched them on Tinder?

No, they won’t. The other person will not receive any kind of message, email, or notification that you have unmatched them.

However, when parting from someone, I encourage you to be as open as possible. One of the worst feelings a person can have when dating online is “Ghosting” where someone unmatches with them without leaving any explanation.

Whether you’re interested in the person or not, I always recommend my readers be as open and straightforward as possible with other users. Don’t just unmatch a person without providing them with a good reason. 

Tinder Message Disappeared after Message Notification

Tinder may say that you have messages even if you don’t have any because the other person may have removed their profile or unmatched you. Tinder also tends to glitch now and then, as it sometimes may display a fresh notification symbol even if there are no messages

Sadly, the person has unmatched you, which is one of the most common reasons for notification with no message. When you’re having a back-and-forth conversation with another user, and they unmatch you, the red chat icon remains visible.

If a user unmatches you, the red dot notification will still appear, and you’ll have to wait a few minutes after closing and reopening the app for it to go away. 

Another reason the red dot icon may still be visible is if the person messaged you and then deleted their profile shortly afterward. For example, Tinder users are known to be active one day but not the next. If a user messages your account and then decides to delete it, you will still receive a red dot notification.

Tinder may also display a message notification even if you don’t have one because of a malfunction. Tinder is constantly retrieving profiles, locating nearby people, and messaging them. From a technical perspective, there’s a lot that goes into the mobile dating app.

Tinder can occasionally malfunction and show a notification when there was none due to the enormous volume of people on the app and all the technical details.

This frequently happens when you receive a message, respond, and then close the app. Unfortunately, Tinder hasn’t caught up to your activity yet and will display a notification that you have a chat conversation waiting for you.

Open your Tinder chat and close the app to remove the Tinder chat notification. If the problem persists, repeat the procedure. Tinder will ultimately check for messages and clear itself if there are none. 

Tinder Fast Chat Disappeared

Tinder’s new function, Fast Chat also called Quick Chat is extremely popular among Tinder users. Fast chat allows you to connect with someone and chat for a few seconds before Tinder prompts if you want to swipe left or right on them, so you may continue to chat if you want to. 

However, several Tinder users have recently reported that the Tinder Fast Chat option is no longer functional. The short chat feature attempted to launch but failed. So for some Tinder users, the quick chat feature mysteriously disappeared from their profile.

Because the feature is relatively new, there may be some issues with it. For example, many users have reported that the feature disappears and reappears after a period. The feature may also be available based on your location and other users nearby who are available to chat. 

In any event, we’ll have to wait and see what the Tinder team has to say. To avoid any compatibility issues, I also urge that you update the app to the most recent version.

Do Tinder Messages Disappear if Unmatched?

Yes, if you unmatch someone or get unmatched by someone then your messages with that person will be deleted permanently.

Tinder may save your messages on their servers, but you won’t be able to view them if you unmatch someone or have your account deleted. In addition, the conversation will not be recovered even if you re-match someone. 

Tinder does not allow you to remove individual messages. Unmatching someone, on the other hand, will erase entire chats. When you unmatch someone, they will be removed from your match list, and you will be removed from theirs.

Tinder Message Disappeared But Still Matched

There have been some instances where your Tinder messages disappeared even if you were still matched with that person. This could be a technical glitch or a delay in removing the person from your list of matches because Tinder hasn’t caught up to your activity.

The reason for this could be a corrupted app cache, overloaded servers causing delays or using an outdated version of the Tinder app.

If all of your conversations have disappeared but the match is still there then the best thing to do is to log out of the app and log back in. Here are the steps to do the same:

  1. Open Tinder.
  2. Select the icon for your profile.
  3. Go to the Settings menu.
  4. Tap on Logout, which is located at the bottom of the page.

If the above method didn’t solve the problem then another way you could solve this problem is by clearing the Tinder app cache.

Unfortunately, iPhone doesn’t allow you to clear the app cache but if you’re using an Android device then you can clear the Tinder app cache by following the steps below.

Step 1 – Go to Settings.

Step 2 – Tap on Apps.

Step 3 – Find the Tinder app from the list and tap on it.

Step 4 – Tap on Storage.

Step 5 – Tap on Clear Cache.

These two methods could result in two things. The first result could be that the user will be removed from your match list because they unmatched you. The second thing that could happen is your messages may reappear if it was a technical glitch.

Tinder Chat Disappeared and Reappeared

Sometimes, Tinder chats may disappear and then reappear automatically due to a bug or glitch in the app.

The Tinder app does tend to glitch quite often. If you see your Tinder chats disappear and reappear or your Tinder matches disappear and reappear then it is the sign of a glitch.

These glitches could occur because of a corrupted app cache or outdated version of the Tinder app. You can fix these glitches by clearing the app cache and by updating your Tinder app to the latest version.

Can I Save Chats on Tinder?

Tinder does not allow you to export or store any of your conversations. Instead, Tinder will save all your conversations on their servers.

If you want to keep a record of your conversations then you’ll need to take screenshots or images of your chats. 

If you receive someone’s phone number or social media profile and they unmatch you while waiting for you to text them, it will be difficult to get that number or profile back because it is lost permanently.

If you need to save any information from your chats, the best advice I can give you is to take screenshots or images. Unfortunately, there’s no option to save the conversation, or create a backup of the chat like WhatsApp or send it to someone else.

Most people often wish to save discussions and export profiles as a token of memory in case the other person ends up being their girlfriend or their life partner. However, this is impossible to achieve since the user can delete you, and you will end up losing all your chat data.

When a user unmatches you, all your chat data is erased, and it’s as if you have never matched with that person in the first place. If you want to save any information, I recommend taking screenshots of those chats.


Tinder chats frequently disappear because either the user has unmatched you, deleted their Tinder account or you have unmatched them by mistake. However, there are no instances where the conversations disappear randomly. 

It’s crucial to understand this because it’s the other side, and not the Tinder platform, that’s to blame for you no longer getting matched.

If you’re not sure why you were detached from someone with whom you thought you had a solid connection, you can contact Tinder to find out.

However, it’s more than possible that you were simply unmatched by the other person. This is not an unusual occurrence because it has been happening for a long time with other users.

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