Tinder Match Doesn’t Reply – What To Do?

Tinder is a well-known dating app that gets billions of swipes and millions of matches every day. When a user matches with someone there is a sense of excitement that the other person could end up being their girlfriend or boyfriend. But, what if your Tinder match doesn’t reply?

If a Tinder Match doesn’t reply you should wait at least 24-72 hours for a response. If they don’t respond within 72 hours send them a follow up message. If you still don’t get any response, unmatch that user and move on to your next match.

When a Tinder Match doesn’t reply you will always feel that may you’ve done something wrong. You feel as if you messaged too early and sounded desperate or maybe they didn’t like your opening message. You just don’t know what to do.

Well, don’t worry because, in this article, I’ll explain all the reasons why your Tinder match might not reply and what you can do to get them to respond to your messages.

How Long Do Tinder Matches Take to Respond?

Tinder matches can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to respond. Sometimes, a user can take around 24-48 hours to reply back to your message on Tinder.

This timeframe depends on a lot of things. If your match is online and active on Tinder, they will typically reply within a few minutes or hours. This obviously depends on how busy there are.

If a match doesn’t reply for hours, it could mean that they aren’t interested in you, or they are really busy or they might have fallen ill.

If you don’t get a response with 48 hours, there is a good chance that the person is not interested in you, a bot, a fake profile or they have deleted their Tinder account.

What To Do If A Tinder Match Doesn’t Reply?

You’ve probably noticed by now that not every Tinder message you send out will result in a relationship or even a friendship. It might be because people want attention, but it could also be because you made an error.

Allow at least 24-72 hours for someone to respond, and then send a follow up message. If you don’t get a response even after sending the follow up message then wait for another 24 hours. If you still don’t get any response then unmatch the user and move on to your next match.

Tinder No Response

There is no point wasting time on a match that doesn’t respond within 4 days even after sending a few follow up messages. There is a high probability that your match is no longer interested in you. It could also be that the user is a bot.

If you have a lot of matches on Tinder that don’t reply to your opening message, it could mean that you are doing something wrong. You can do the following to get more responses.

  • Add some more pictures to your account and make sure they are the best you have.
  • Make your bio appealing by adding some humor and mentioning your interests, and hobbies.
  • Try using different opening lines that are different from the ones commonly used to start a conversation.

Utilizing imagination and humor to start a discussion is a surefire way to get a reply. You can also choose to talk about things from their biography and profile pictures.

You could ask about their favorite movie or destination, or you could crack up a joke that makes them laugh. You could also start off with a cheesy pickup line that might impress them.

Make sure to add a detailed bio in your profile so your match could find something interesting to talk about from your profile. Details in your bio can assist your matches in learning things about you, making conversation easier. You should also go through their profile and ask them about their hobbies, and interests.

Why Tinder Matches Don’t Respond?

A match on Tinder does not imply that the person will respond immediately. There are several reasons why a match doesn’t respond to your opening message.

1. Your Match Is Reconsidering Their Decision Of Liking Your Profile

The biggest reason why your match isn’t responding is that they are reconsidering their decision of liking your profile. Tinder is so user-friendly that users can swipe left and right quickly and some users even like to speed swipe.

Users are swiping very quickly over profiles without looking at the pictures and the bio of others. Some users speed swipe through profiles where they can go over around 30-40 profiles in one minute. These users just swipe over every profile without noticing the pictures and the bio.

After matching with your profile, the user has time to check out your pictures as well as the bio and there’s a high probability they don’t like what they see and they are reconsidering their decision of liking your profile. If that’s the case then they won’t respond to your messages.

You should give the user at least 72 hours to respond back to your message. If they don’t respond within this timeframe, it would be best for you to unmatch the user and move on to the next one.

If the person is genuinely interested in you, they will reply back within a few hours, if they don’t then probably they are not interested in you.

2. Your Opening Line Wasn’t Enticing

Moving on to some conversation starters, just like a simple “hello” or “hey” won’t earn you a reply. A lengthy text is also likely to be ignored despite how humorous or intelligent it is.

Tinder is a lively dating app with a plethora of diverse personalities. So it is important to start off your conversation in a manner that stands out from the crowd and has a lasting impression on your match.

The most recommended way is to ask a question related to their profile or to use a GIF.

You should definitely stay away from simple conversation starters like “hello”, “hey” or “what’s up.” These lines signal the user that you have a boring personality or you’re too lazy to come up with a better opening line.

You shouldn’t be surprised if you’re not generating the results you desire if you’re employing the same pick-up phrases on every match. And if you’re using a pick-up technique that isn’t even your own, you should ditch it and try something fresh.

Tinder Bad Opening Line

While striking a balance between passionate and aggressive can be difficult, you should avoid alienating matches with a too direct statement.

What you thought would make someone laugh could instead offend them, so keep any provocative or highly opinionated comments for after you get to understand your match better.

The best way to start a conversation would be to ask your match a question about something from their profile. It could be a hobby or something about their personality. Questions are a great way to start because the user feels compelled to answer them.

3. The User is A Bot Or A Fake Profile

Tinder as well as other dating apps are full of bots and fake profiles. It cannot be said for sure if the bots are created by others or Tinder itself but there are a lot of bots in Tinder that use pictures of real people and act as if they are real profiles.

Bots can use pictures of guys/girls from the internet and other stock photo sites. You can take a screenshot of their photo and reverse check that by searching on Google Images to see if you find a match. If you do then most likely it’s a bot or a fake profile.

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The bots on Tinder are designed very intelligently. They can reply to simple opening messages like “hello” or “hey.” But if you ask them a question, they won’t reply. It is another way to find out if the other profile is a bot.

These bots are designed to get you matches and make you realize that the Tinder platform works seamlessly. If you get a match once in a while you are likely to spend money on their premium subscriptions. If you feel the user is a bot, removing their profile from your match queue is the best thing to do.

4. Using Tinder To Check Popularity

Tinder is used by a small proportion of people for the sole purpose of seeing how many matches they can receive without ever intending to talk with anybody. Receiving matches is enjoyable for them, and it feels good to realize that somebody finds them appealing.

You’ll find a few Tinder users sharing their Instagram or Snapchat profiles in their bio. These users match with others and ask them to like and follow their social media profiles. They do this to get more followers and they are least interested in chatting with their matches.

Tinder members who are self-conscious about their looks or personality can use the matching function as a morale booster. When they get matches it makes them feel good about themselves.

These people aren’t interested in chatting to their matches; they only want matches to feel good about themselves.

5. User Uninstalled The Tinder App

One of the most typical causes for individuals not responding is that they uninstalled the Tinder app from their phone.

A lot of users get fed up with not getting any matches on Tinder and delete the app while some people may find a girlfriend or boyfriend and delete the app so they can spend more time with them or their better half doesn’t catch them using Tinder.

If the match doesn’t reply to your opening line, there’s a high probability the user uninstalled the Tinder app from their phone but didn’t delete their Tinder profile. Uninstalling the Tinder app is different from deleting the Tinder profile.

When someone uninstalls the Tinder app from their phone, it doesn’t mean that their Tinder profile is deleted. If a person doesn’t manually delete their Tinder profile, the profile remains active even though the app has been removed from their phone.

Because their Tinder profile is still active, you can still access their account and their profile isn’t removed from your match queue.

You have no way of knowing this, but if you don’t get any replies after sending them a message, it is possible that the user deleted the Tinder app from their phone.

How Fast Should You Respond To A Tinder Match?

The timing of your response to a Tinder match is vital. Make a mistake in the timing and your match might not respond back.

You should respond within 10-15 minutes to a match but sometimes you can take a little more time to come up with a great response. Some people don’t like to wait too long for a response so you’ll need to respond within 5-10 minutes to their messages.

You shouldn’t respond too quickly to your match because you might come across as too desperate or a person who has no other commitments in life.

Similarly, spending too much time to respond can backfire because the person might think you aren’t interested in them or you’re way too busy to talk to them.

The best time to respond is within 10-15 minutes after receiving a message. If it’s not possible then try to respond within an hour. Sometimes, we try to respond quickly but end up saying something that puts off the other person.

If you’re not experienced in online dating then you should take a little time to come up with an engaging response but don’t take too long or else the user will unmatch you.


Tinder users frequently do not receive a reply from their match. If this occurs regularly, you should add some more pictures, make changes to your bio and try different opening lines that are not simple conversation starters.

Tinder users mostly look at the picture of another user before engaging in a conversation. Make sure to add 5-6 of your best pictures on your profile so that the other doesn’t think you are a bot or a fake profile. Don’t leave the bio section empty. Make it interesting and appealing.

While you don’t have to change anything about yourself or your account to entice a match, writing a powerful opening message can help.

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