Tinder Message Notification But No Message?

Tinder messaging functions similarly to WhatsApp messaging and iMessage, allowing users to send and receive messages via the internet. Users are also notified when the other user is typing a message. But, unlike these apps, Tinder sometimes shows that you have messages when you actually don’t. What is the reason behind it?

Tinder sometimes notifies that you have messages even if you don’t because your match deleted their Tinder account or unmatched you. Tinder also tends to glitch every once in a while and displays a new message notification with a red dot icon even though you don’t have any new messages.

In this article, I’ll explain why Tinder informs you about a new message notification even though you haven’t received a message.

Tinder Message Notification With No Messages

Users are always excited when they receive a new message notification from Tinder but when they open and check for messages there is nothing there. You will see a red dot symbol in the Messages section but there is no new message.

Tinder Message Notification Red Dot

Tinder has acknowledged that their notifications might be a little confusing at times and they always claim that it is only temporary and will be resolved quickly.

With millions of daily active users, there are instances when the Tinder app might glitch or malfunction. Sometimes your chat messages disappear and reappear while in some other cases, Tinder says you have a new message when you actually don’t.

Tinder doesn’t explain the reasons why this error occurs which is why I have come up with all the possible reasons why this happens.

Your Match Has Unmatched You

A possible reason why you see a message notification but no message is that your match has unmatched you. If you’re having an ongoing conversation with a user and they suddenly unmatch you after sending a message then you will see the red dot icon in the Messages section but there will be no message.

It’s critical to keep an eye on your matches regularly so you can respond to their messages in the opportune time. Most Tinder users will be inclined to unmatch you if the chat takes a turn for something worse, or you take a long time to respond to their messages.

If a user unmatches you, the red dot message notification will still display. You’ll have to navigate in and out of the messages section as well as open and close the app a few times before the red dot message notification disappears.

Your Match Has Deleted Their Account

Another reason why the red dot message notification is visible in your Tinder messages section is that your match has deleted their Tinder account after sending you a message. Perhaps they’ve found a better match, or maybe they have had enough of online dating.

It’s also possible that Tinder removed the user’s profile because they breached the platform’s privacy policy or the profile was reported by a lot of users. It could also occur if Tinder discovered that it was a fake profile or a bot.

If one of your matches sends you a message and later decides to delete their Tinder account, you will still receive a red dot message notification but you won’t see that message. This is because if a user deletes their Tinder account, all of their messages and matches are deleted.

To remove this red dot message notification, you have to wait till Tinder updates this on their system. If it doesn’t happen in a few hours or days, you’ll have to navigate to the Messages section, go back to the Main Menu, then close and open the app several times so that Tinder realizes that the user doesn’t exist, and removes the message notification.

There is a Glitch in the Tinder App

The last possible reason why Tinder shows you a message notification even though you don’t have one is that there is a glitch or malfunction in the Tinder app.

To confirm if it’s a glitch, check your match queue to see whether all the matches are still there or some have disappeared. If all of them are still there then it’s a glitch in the app otherwise the match might have unmatched you or deleted their account after sending a message.

Tinder is constantly used by millions of users every day and it has to show new profiles, find new profiles nearby, allow users to chat with one another, and even update profile details.

There is a ton of technical stuff happening in the background and it is quite possible that the Tinder app encounters a glitch and shows you a message notification even if there aren’t any new messages.

One reason for this glitch could be that the Tinder app is running a lot of simultaneous processes leading to a low memory issue as there is not enough free memory for the app to update its contents.

This could also happen if you closed the app immediately after responding to a new message. Tinder hasn’t updated the fact that you have already responded to the message, it still thinks that you haven’t responded which is why it shows you the new message notification.

Another reason why this could happen is if your connection to the internet is inconsistent. Make sure you’re not having connection drops. Use a Wi-Fi connection instead of a mobile data connection if the problem persists.

The last reason why Tinder malfunctions is if the location services are turned off. In that case, turn on your location services for a better user experience.

How Do I Get Rid of Message Notification When There is No Message?

To get rid of message notification when there is no message, navigate to the Messages section on Tinder and return back to the Main Menu, then close and reopen the app. Tinder will verify if you have any new messages when you continuously open and close the app.

Even though this method is inconvenient, it is the only way to get rid of the chat message notifications if they continue to show.

If opening and closing the app does not solve the problem, you can uninstall the Tinder app from your phone and then reinstall it. Uninstalling the app doesn’t delete your Tinder account. You can log in to the same account after reinstalling the app and all your matches and chat messages will remain intact and the message notification problem will stop.

If you’re using an Android device, try to Force Stop the app before uninstalling it. To Force Stop the app, go to Settings > Apps > Tinder > Tap on Force Stop. This method is not applicable to Apple iPhones and iPads. Apple users should uninstall and re-install the app to get rid of the notification.

If you’re still getting the same issue, your last resort is to contact Tinder Support and ask them to fix the issue you’re experiencing.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Red Dot on Tinder But No Message?

The red dot on Tinder Messages means you have received a new message. But, if you see the red dot and there is no message, it could be that the person who sent you the message has unmatched you or deleted their Tinder account. To confirm this, check if all your matches are still there in the match queue.
If all the matches are still there, it could be a glitch in the app. Try going to the messages section and then closing and re-opening the app. Wait for a few days and the red dot message notification should be gone.

Final Verdict

Sometimes, Tinder shows a message notification even though you don’t have any new message because of a glitch in the app, your match has unmatched you or the match deleted their Tinder account.

In any case, I suggest opening the Tinder app, navigating to the Messages section, and then going back to the Main Menu. From there, you should close the app and then reopen the app. After reopening the app, check if the notification is gone.

If the message notification still remains, repeat the above procedure until it disappears. Tinder might take a few hours to even a few days to update its contents so repeating the procedure will remove the notification.

If the notification is still appearing then try uninstalling and re-installing the Tinder app. This will definitely fix the message notification issue.

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