Why does tinder ruin photo quality?

Does Tinder Destroy Your Photo Quality?

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On Tinder, photos must be 640×640 to meet the photo guidelines. Any other photo sizes may be stretched and will cause the photo to appear blurry and ruin the photo quality.

Does Tinder destroy your photo quality?

You may be afraid to reduce the photo’s quality, but don’t worry because it won’t ruin the picture. … Yes, the photo may not be as clear as it is now. However, don’t forget that most people on Tinder aren’t professional photographers. They’re there to chat and learn more about you, not to score your photos.

What is Tinder photo resolution?

Tinder Photo Sizes

Tinder requires photos be cropped to square for upload. According to Photofeeler, on an iPhone 6, the required Tinder pixel dimensions are 640 x 640. In the swiping deck, however, this will be zoomed into and displayed at 600 x 848 pixels. This aspect ratio is 1:1.325, or 7:10.

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